Evaluation of an Up-and-Down Procedure for Acute Dermal Systemic Toxicity Testing

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NICEATM and ICCVAM are planning to convene an independent scientific peer review panel to assess the validation status of an up-and-down procedure (UDP) for acute dermal systemic toxicity testing. NICEATM requests nominations of scientific experts who can be considered for the panel. NICEATM also requests data for substances tested in in vivo acute dermal and oral systemic toxicity tests. Corresponding acute oral LD50 data for the same compounds tested dermally would be particularly useful. Oral data from rat tests and dermal data from rat and/or rabbit tests are preferred.

Data and nominations of scientific experts may be submitted by contacting NICEATM; comments may also be submitted via an online form. Please submit data and comments by September 6, 2012.

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