EUROTOX 2020 Call for nominations and 2024 congress bids

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Dear Colleagues,
I write to you to request your active participation in the EUROTOX 2020 CALL for:
  • Nomination of potential candidates for EUROTOX awards, Committees and SubCommittees
  • Call for Member Societies to submit a letter of intent to host the 2024 EUROTOX Congress
2020 EUROTOX MERIT AWARD recognising professionals with a distinguished career in European toxicology. The award recipient is invited to the EUROTOX Copenhagen congress and presented with the award during the opening ceremony.
2020 BO HOLMSTEDT LECTURE recognising scientists who have made outstanding research contributions to the science of drug or chemical toxicology. The award recipient will be required to present the lecture two times; the first time during the 2020 EUROTOX Copenhagen congress, and then the following year at the SOT annual meeting.
Nominations supporting the candidate for the Merit Award and Bo Holmstedt Lecture can be submitted by EUROTOX Member Societies, EUROTOX Speciality Sections, or at least three EUROTOX Individual Members.
MEMBERS (3 slots) to serve in the Nomination Committee for the three-year term 2020-2023.
Nomination Committee members propose candidates for Executive Committee office elections.
Nominations can be submitted by Member Societies.
MEMBERS to develop and implement approved initiatives in the various EUROTOX SubCommittees: Education (2 slots), Registration (1 slot), and Communication (2 slots)
1.Members are selected by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Business Council.
2.In the nomination of new members, the primary consideration will be the expertise and experience of
the candidates, but care shall be taken that the overall composition of the Subcommittees reflects, as far as practicable, the geographical distribution of EUROTOX membership as well as the range of fields of interest.
3.Nomination for Subcommittee members can be proposed by Member Societies, Individual Members, Executive Committee members, and/or members of the relevant Subcommittee.
SEND NOMINATIONS TO [email protected] BY JANUARY 31, 2020
Letter of Intent to host the 2024 EUROTOX Congress
Member Societies wishing to make a bid to host the 2024 EUROTOX Congress should sent their letter of intent prepared according the the guidelines posted on the EUROTOX website
Deadline is January 31, 2020 

Thank you for your support and active participation.

Prof. Martin Wilks
EUROTOX Secretary-General


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