EPAA 3R Laboratory technician Prize

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For the first time in 2013, EPAA will grant a €3000 prize to a laboratory technician involved in implementing and raising awareness of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal testing.


While most of the current Three Rs prizes and awards target scientists, much of the processes using animals for safety science are actually performed by laboratory technicians and animal care takers. The purpose of this prize is to target those actually implementing alternative approaches to animal testing and raise awareness of their role for the day to day implementation of Three Rs principles and, in particular, for seizing opportunities for further Refinement. Animal technicians mainly contribute to one main ‘R’ – Refinement and this is what the prize should focus on. Most animal technicians are not working on replacement or reduction. In addition there are few prizes for the neglected R of refinement. It is the hardest R to provide sound scientific evidence on. Therefore, this prize is an opportunity to first, recognise animal technicians as opposed to scientists and second, promote refinement – the R that has the benefit for the animals that still need to be used in experiments. Refinement refers to improvements to scientific procedures and husbandry which minimise actual or potential pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm and/or improve animal welfare in situations where the use of animals is unavoidable.


The EPAA industry partners will sponsor a 3000€ prize every other year, starting in 2013. The EPAA 3Rs Laboratory technician/care taker awardee will a be invited to the EPAA annual conference to receive the prize and briefly explain his contribution to the 3Rs.

The deadline for submissions is September 16th, 2013.

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